CQC Course - 27th May 2017


Thank You For Enquiring About The CQC Course

Thank you for wanting to find out more about the CQC Course and, as promised, here is some more information for you.

Venue: Ford Hall, Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre, near Telford, Shropshire. TF10 9AT

Date: 27th May 2017  Cost: £50 + Vat Per Person Per Session with the option of paying in two installments.

AM Session - 0900 - 1200
PM Session - 1300 - 1600
   1 x Payment of £50 + Vat
  1 x Payment of £50 + Vat

   2 x Payments of £25 + Vat   2 x Payments of £25 + Vat

Who Will Be Running The Course?

The trainer for both session on the course will be John Steadman.

For those of you who have trained with John before, you will be aware of his exceptional ability and good humour, and if you haven't, this is a rare opportunity to train with a guy who I can only call a genius.

John and I have worked very closely together for many years and it was John and I who first stated the 'National Federation for Personal Safety', using John's physical and technical skills to help develop the physical aspects of the training programme.

Technically retired, I have managed to persuade this old war horse out of retirement (and it didn't take much persuading) to come along and run this day and I for one am really looking forward to it.  

Many people rate John as being (without doubt) one of the leading Physical Skills instructors in the world with over fifty years of experience under his belt. He is a 9th Dan in Ju-Jitsu and an original founder member of the British Ju-Jitsu Governing Body.

John has always been in great demand - and still is!.

He has taught all over the world and has taught: police, military and other elite forces as well as many tens of thousands of martial artists and celebrities.

John is revered by many people, and as one ex-SAS Warrior told me that: "John has the fastest hands I have never seen".

You are in for a real treat with John teaching on this course and I will guarantee that you will learn a lot and you are one of the lucky ones, because my best friend is now nearly seventy-six years young (but don't let that fool you - he's still lethal as someone in Spain recently found out to their detriment).

In the meanwhile, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Other than that, we'll see you on the 27th May once you have booked on!

AM Session - 0900 - 1200
PM Session - 1300 - 1600
   1 x Payment of £50 + Vat
  1 x Payment of £50 + Vat

   2 x Payments of £25 + Vat   2 x Payments of £25 + Vat

Pressure Point Techniques

In addition, John Steadman may show you some very interesting pressure point techniques. He doesn't do this often and it will be at his discretion to do so, but I know he will show you some exceptional stuff.

What Won't The Course Cover?

You will not be taught ways of going through windows or doors, or weapon retention techniques as we are not teaching the military, and there will be a lot to get through that will lead to all the techniques put to the test with a line up to finish.

You also won't be taught any fancy 'Jack Reacher', 'Batman' or 'Superhero' type skills, simply because we are not going to be training you for an audition for a Hollywood movie. In addition, most of the skills you see in the movies (and sadly taught on some courses) will not work in a real CQC situation, and this can be corroborated on a psychological, physiological and biological basis, and there will be a short presentation on this at the beginning of the course to demonstrate the facts to you

What Level of Fitness and Experience Required for The Course? 

You will be pushed during the training, but you are only expected to work to your own limits. Therefore if you are carrying an injury (as many of us do), or if you have in the recent past had surgery, that is fine and we will make sure that you only do what you feel capable of doing and we will be on hand for any support, advice or guidance that you need throughout the day. A full first aid kit will be on site to cover any sprains or strains that may occur.

Not Based on Any Specific Martial Arts Techniques

The real benefit of this course is that it is not based on any specific martial arts techniques and so it definitely does not require years and years of training. Imagine for a moment if the Royal Marines or the Army said to a recently badged SBS or SAS trooper: "Well you've passed your special forces training but we now require you to do another five years training to get your close quarter combat 'black-belt' before you will be considered capable of using unarmed combat techniques in a hostile environment". How perverse would that be? The reality is that most 'black-belts' wouldn't pass Special Forces selection anyway! Are you getting the point?

Is it Suitable for Women?

The techniques that are being taught are based on Gross Motor Skills and not physical strength therefore allowing them to be adapted for you’re use so they are suitable for both men and women.

Will the Course Involve Any Gun and / or Knife Defences?

As we will be concentrating on gross motor skill techniques, we will leave this to another course, as it is not something that can be taught in a couple of hours and the following blog posts will give you some more information on this subject:

1. The Truth About Gun Disarming Techniques.

2. Weapon Retention & Disarming By Mark Williams.


You get a certificate of attendance that is evidence that you have attended the course and been trained in these skills. That is great CPD (Continual Professional Development) and a good addition to your professional portfolio.

First Come First Served!

Places on this course are likely to fill up very quickly and once they have gone that will be it until we decide to run another course in the future, which may not be for a year or two because of the operational commitments of the trainers.

Therefore, to avoid any disappointment it would be best to book your place now.

AM Session - 0900 - 1200
PM Session - 1300 - 1600
   1 x Payment of £50 + Vat
  1 x Payment of £50 + Vat

   2 x Payments of £25 + Vat   2 x Payments of £25 + Vat

PS: This is a Rare Opportunity to Train With A 'Real' Master of Their Art!