Combined ERB, Handcuff and SoftCuff Trainer Course

Course Dates and Cost

Next Course: 23rd March 2018

Course Cost: £425.00 + vat.

Venue:  Lilleshall National Sports Centre, near Newport, Shropshire TF10 9LQ 

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  March 2018 Trainer Course

Why Are These Important Tools?

To find out why the ERB, Handcuff and Soft-Cuffs are important tools in any organisational or trainer's strategic and operational approach, read the following blog posts:  - Manual Handling Causes Over a Third of All Workplace Injuries

 - Moving People Up and Down Stairs Under Restraint

 - Corporate Manslaughter Cases Up By 40% In One year and the Use of Force Issue  

Main Aims of the Course are:

The aim of this course is to qualify you with a BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in the Safe & Effective Use of the Emergency Response Belt and also a BTEC Level 3 in the Safe and Effective Use of Restraint Equipment (Handcuffing). In addition, you will also be trained as one of the only new Soft-Cuff Trainers worldwide.You will also leave the course with 2 x BTEC Level 3 Advanced Trainers Awards and 3 x NFPS Level 3 Trainers Awards.

The New Soft Restraint Kit

If you'd like to download some flyers on this new kit click here: 'New Soft Restraint Kit Flyers'.

To see more about the new Soft-Cuffs look at the videos below:

The ERB - Emergency Response Belt

The ERB has been medically reviewed for use by leading UK medical experts and has been used by a number of UK Police Services and Healthcare Trusts as a way of controlling violent and aggressive subjects safely whist reducing the risk to the subject and also to staff.

In the USA it has been used nationally since 1989 and has gained court and administrative acceptance faster than any other soft styled restraining device in history and is used in virtually every profession that must control and move/transport violent subjects.


The Benefits are:

  • It is Easy to Use
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Reduces Prolonged Restraint
  • Makes People Handling Easier
  • Does Not Restrict Breathing
  • Has Techniques for Feeding, Sitting Someone Down, Carrying and Moving Them.

Deliver Training Under License in the UK Once trained you will get all of the support materials you require to deliver Level 2 operational training in the UK.

As one of only a few instructors this will give you a unique edge on others who do not or cannot offer this training giving you access to a virtually untapped market-place and the ability to generate additional income for your business.

For organisations this means that you can implement a cost-effective training strategy by being able to disseminate training throughout your organisation as and when you require it.