NFPS July 2015 Seminar Videos

The NFPS Annual Use of Force Seminar 2015 was a great success and we had four great speakers present. They were:

Eric Baskind: a lawyer with over three-thousand expert witness cases to his name, Tony Holyland: The Compliance Officer for the Security Industry Authority, Dr. John Parkes: who has done extensive research into manual restraint, including the effects of prone restraint and seated restraint, and body size on lung function, and Colan Ash: a Health & Safety Professional who has a vast experience of managing violence in the NHS and other large public organisations.

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Still Not Sure ...... Here's 10 Reasons Why You Need This Resource!

1. Guidance is Not Law! - Therefore blindly following 'Guidance' without considering the wider Statutory requirements can leave you and your organisation liable!

“The Positive and Proactive Care guidance provides information and good practice; it is not statutory guidance or legally binding. Providers can choose to depart from the guidance, but may be asked (e.g. by the courts or the CQC) to justify their reasons for doing so. As was the case before the guidance was issued, providers will have to use restrictive interventions in a manner that is ethical and lawful (e.g. in accordance with the Mental Health Act 1983, Mental Capacity Act 2005, Human Rights Act 1998 and the common law).” Issued by NHS Protect March 2015 

2. Could a member of staff take action against the Department of Health if they are hurt by a patient/service user and would, prior to publication of Positive and Proactive Care, have used a restrictive intervention?

Answer: "No, the Positive and Proactive Care guidance provides information and good practice guidance; it is not statutory guidance or legally binding. Employers are responsible for, assessing, managing and controlling the risks to staff and service users. They are accountable for injuries sustained by their staff who are acting in the course of their employment where they have not been appropriately instructed, trained or supervised." Issued by NHS Protect March 2015 

3. Are Schools required to only use training providers recommended by the local education authority who are allegedly 'endorsed' by Government Departments?

Answer: "The Government does not endorse individual training providers, or the content of their courses and materials. A wide variety of training organisations offer their services to schools on a commercial basis, and schools now have the autonomy to make their own decisions on which service is most appropriate for them. Ministers believe that head teachers and their immediate colleagues are best placed to determine what training is appropriate for their staff.." Response from the DfEE

4. Corporate Manslaughter cases are on the increase with one care home and three of it's Managers already being prosecuted.

5. 30 - 40 Directors and Managers are prosecuted in the UK each year under Health & Safety legislation. This is a 400% increase in prosecution in the last 5 years? Assaults on teaching staff are on the increase and some teachers have died s a result.

6. NHS figures show that nearly 69,000 staff were assaulted in 2013/14 a rise of 8.7% from the previous year.

7. Serious assaults on prison staff also increased with a total of 3,470 recorded over the 12-month period.

8. This is not to mention the risk to care staff, police officers and door supervisors, which are also possibly on the increase.

9. People die who are restrained by poorly or badly trained staff who use techniques that have been advised not to be used.

10. The fact is it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that you do your own due diligence and that you do not rely on training or systems being 'imposed' upon you because at the end of the day YOU will be the person held to account. However, your ability to make the right choice is limited by your level of knowledge and ability and that is why this resource is invaluable to you.

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