Restraint Instructor Refresher Courses 27th September 2016

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# 27th September 2016

Course Options

This years Refresher Course is going to be a one day course only and we are going to cover all of the physical skills in one day.

If you need to refresh your ERB, Handcuff and Softcuff Trainer Accreditation then this will be done on a second day which will be the 28th September, and you will get the opportunity to book on that additional day when you book on the one-day refresher course online and the cost of that additional day will include your accommodation for the evening before the second days starts..



As our refreshers have become more and more of a social gathering I have started to use the word 'Refreshial' to explain what we do and for those of you who enjoy the more 'social' aspect of our annual get together, you will also have the option of booking an additional nights stay on the evening of day 1.

This obviously doesn't apply to those of you who will be staying an additional day to do the New Combined Soft Restraint System Training (Combined ERB, Handcuff and Softcuff Training), but for those of you who are only intending to do the one day course, why not stay over and 'catch up' in the bar in the evening and leave the next morning without the 'pressure' of having to train the next day?

To choose this option simply choose to add the 'Additional Nights Accommodation' for the night after the course option.


Why Refresh?

One of the main reasons why you need to refresh your training is because of Health and Safety Legislation. Regulation 13(3) of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states that:

"The training referred to in paragraph (2) shall -

a) be repeated periodically where appropriate;

b) be adapted to take account of any new or changed risks to the health and safety of the employees concerned; and

c) take place during working hours."

In addition, we also know that what we learn degrades with time. For example research shows that if we are told something then our recall after three weeks is 70% but after three months is only 10%. If we are told and shown something then our recall after three weeks is 72% but after three months is only 32%. If however, we are told, shown and experience something then our recall after three weeks is 85% but after three months is 65%, however, as many agencies do not do pressurised / dynamic training so that their staff can 'experience' it full it is possible that the 65% recall after 3 months is less. Also, even these figures will degrade further between three and twelve months. That is why refresher training is important.

Regulation 13(1) of the same Regulations states that:

"Every employer shall, in entrusting tasks to his employees, take into account their capabilities as regards health and safety."

Therefore, all employers are legally required to ensure that their staff are capable of doing what they are being tasked to do (as part of their employed role) to a competent standard, and this requires training and re-training at regular periods, and this also applies to those of you who are self-employed as it is your responsibility to ensure that you remain competent and up to date with any changes (legislative or otherwise) that have a bearing on what you provide for your clients. 

1 x Day Handcuff Instructor Refresher

Day two of this event is optional for those of you who wish to refresh your Handcuff Instructor Accreditation. Now, you may have been told that you are not allowed to have handcuffs. Well this isn't true. Handcuffs are only a temporary restraining device and the use of handcuffs are covered under common law and use of force legislation.  That means that anyone is entitled, by law, to carry and use handcuffs provided that the person has a lawful excuse and that they are competently trained to do so. In addition, handcuffs can also reduce risk and save lives. Therefore, if you want to know more about whether or not you are entitled to become a Handcuff Trainer, go to this web-page and watch the video:

1 x Day ERB (Emergency Response Belt), Handcuff and Soft-Cuff Instructor Training or Up-Skilling Course

In addition to refreshing your Handcuff Instructor Accreditation you also have the option of up-skilling to become a Level 3 Advanced ERB (Emergency Response Belt), Handcuff and Soft-Cuff Trainer. ERB's and Soft-Cuffs provide a soft-restraint option to traditional handcuffing and are proving to be very popular and a much needed necessity. They are consistent with good people-handling skills and also the Manual Handling Regulations Approved Code of Practice and Guidance. As such they form an integral part of any organistions control options if having to restraint individuals. Therefore, if you have to manage restraint contingencies such as prolonged restraint or floor restraint, then this day would provide more options for you than manual restraint alone and are consistent with good health and safety practices. To see more about the ERB  go to:

Professional And Public Liability Insurance

Attendance of this course is also important if you wish to renew your Instructors Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. Please note that any insurance held is invalid without a current in-date Instructors certificate.

Certification All individuals will receive a New NFPS Ltd Approved Instructors Certificate valid for 12 months.


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