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The videos of this day will be of immense importance to you if you are in any way involved in Commissioning, Managing, Inspecting and / or Delivering Training.

What You Will Receive

When you purchase access to these videos you will get a video of each of the Speaker's live talks filmed by a professional film crew - it will be like you are at the Seminar itself. This offer contains access to approximately 4 hours of Legal, Medical and Health & Safety information from three of the UK's Leading Industry Experts in their respective fields, and you can see more about these speakers below.

The Speakers 

  1. Eric Baskind

  2. Eric Baskind is a senior lecturer in Law at Liverpool John Moores University. Eric has given both written and oral evidence in the House of Lords in 2006 and 2011 to The Lord Carlile of Berriew QC Independent Inquiry into the Use of Physical Restraint etc in Prisons, Secure Training Centres, and Local Authority Secure Children’s Homes. He was also a Commissioner serving on the National Independent Commission on Enforced Removals with specific responsibility for the management of violence and aggression and the use of restraint. The Commission was chaired by Lord Ramsbotham, GCB, CBE, formerly Chief Inspector of Her Majesty’s Prisons, and was established in March 2012 following the death of Mr Jimmy Mubenga who died whilst being restrained during his deportation from the UK.

    Eric has been involved in something in the region of around three-thousand Expert Witness cases so has a vast range of expertise and experience that we can all draw from. His services are constantly in demand and in Eric's first presentation he gives an overview of the law in relation to the use of force, which covers some very interesting facts, and in his second presentation you will see and hear Eric talk about the use and misuse of physical restraint, drawing on evidential research facts to highlight some of the real commonalities that are found in most restraint related deaths, and he will also demonstrate why some of the data that has underpinned the new Department of Health Guidance is flawed. 

This is a must see presentation for everyone.

  1. Tony Bleetman

      Tony Bleetman is a very well-respected professional and is one of the Governments preferred medical experts in relation to the medical implications of use of force training programmes. Tony's services are regularly sought after in high-profile cases of restraint related death, such as the Gareth Myatt case, where Tony's recommendations led to the removal of certain techniques that are now banned for use with children and young people. In addition, Tony has also been involved in developing strategies to protect health workers against aggression and violence in the Health Service. He has completed studies for the Department of Health and other national bodies to identify ways of improving staff and subject safety.

      In Tony's session you will see and hear him talk about what he does when he is asked to medically review and audit restraint training programmes and the importance of understanding the use of force in the correct context. Tony will also broach the emotive and difficult subject of pain-compliance techniques head-on talking about and sharing his professional medical view on whether they should be used or not and the difficulty in distinguishing between discomfort and pain. Tony will also give his opinion on the use of such techniques as the prone position as well as speaking on other equally

      This is an important session because Tony has been involved in many reviews of restraint related deaths so the knowledge he imparts in his session is fundamentally important to all of us who are involved in the managing, commissioning, construction and delivery of restraint training.

    Colan Ash

    Colan Ash has been a Health and Safety professional for over 25 years and has a broad depth of knowledge experience. In recent years he has specialised in the safety management of violence at work risks and is currently one of the most senior UK health and safety experts in the Criminal Justice Sector having previously worked in the NHS. During his time in the NHS and Criminal Justice Sector Colan has developed proven strategies in a variety of workplace settings that have lead to a demonstrable reduction in incidents of violence and abuse to the staff he is responsible for.

    In the video featuring Colan you will see and hear how and why compliance with the new Department of Health Guidance is not legally enforceable. You will see Colan speak about how you can use risk assessments as a weapon. In Colan's session he brings together what Eric and Tony had previously covered and weaves all of that together into some workable actions that anyone can take.

    Bringing Colan in at the end of the Seminar was a master-stroke of genius (even if I say so myself!!). 


    £147.97 One Off Payment      or  
     3 x Payments of £49.97

    Additional Free Bonus Material


    When you purchase this product you will also get copies of:

    1. A Legal Opinion from a Barrister regarding the use of pain-compliance techniques that we paid for.

    2. A response from Ofsted in relation to a question raised regarding the locking of doors to prevent children from leaving a care home.

    3. A copy of a letter from Edward Timpson, Parliamentry Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, sent to me via my MP at the House of Commons, regarding the issue of locking of doors to prevent children from leaving a care home.

    4. A copy of the training materials and a letter sent to me from Ofsted, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act regarding what training Ofsted Inspectors get in relation to the use of force and restraint.

    5. Copies of each of the presenters Powerpoint Presentations (with the exception of Dr. Tony Bleetman who didn't use one),

    6. A pre-written letter from Colan Ash entitled 'An Inspector Calls' that is designed to help you justify what you do should  an inspector or any one else challenge what you do. This letter alone is invaluable!

    1. How beneficial will all of this be to you if you have to justify the training you are delivering or commissioning?

      And There's More.......

      In addition we will providing  Answers to the many questions we have been asked, such as:

    "What are the possible ramifications of acting outside the scope of the new DoH guidelines (to be enforced by the CQC) even if the action itself is a legally justifiable use of force?"

    “Is the new guidance from the DOH on Physical restraint legally enforceable? If the risk assessment that have carried out prior to delivering training justifies the use of more restrictive can these be used?”

    “Will there be a clear guide of how much pain compliance can be used when restraining someone? Will any standard's set be recognised by the courts?”

    “What are the danger issues regarding choke / neck holds which seem to be the preferred choice of Door Supervisors?”

    “What if my employer as not/will not give me the necessary training to deal with a situation, what can I do?”

    “If a panel of 'experts' are formed to write guidance relating to physical restraint, and the law relating to physical restraint, should they have experience in restraint and documented qualifications and relevant background?”

    “On the question of restricted liberty an Ofstead inspector recently said to a client they cannot lock a door nor prevent a child of 16 years of age leaving the premises of a children's home it is against their human rights and against legislation. Can you clarify please the legal position should a company act on the advise of an inspector, Ofstead or CQC, yet the advise given is bad advise and as a result that child is injured or worse still a death occurs.” 

    There are over sixty questions that I will be currently providing answers for that have been submitted by people who either attended the Seminar or who are intending to purchase access to the videos when the offer goes live.

    What Will All of This Do For You?
    This information will help remove many of the 'grey-areas' that exist in relation to the use of force, which are in turn compounded by the large amount of misinformation, myths and misconceptions that are regularly re-enforced by what I can only describe as subjective comments that seem to differ from Inspector to Inspector and from one Government Panel to another.
    This information is going to make you better informed, more competent, more confident and much more legally, morally, and ethically defensible. Just imagine being able to draw on all of this the next time an 'Inspector calls' or when you are questioned about what you are doing and why? 

    £147.97 One Off Payment      or  
     3 x Payments of £49.97