Video Marketing Training Day - 28th January 2016

Cost: £24.97 + vat per person &

Bring a guest / second person for only £14.97 + vat

(The cost includes all teas and coffees all day, but not lunch) 

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Venue: Plaza Conference Centre, Civic Centre Rd, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2AX

Start Time: 0930 - Finish 4.00pm (approx)

Video Marketing: Why You Need To Be Doing It

Video marketing is no longer an option. It is an absolute necessity if you wish to get your message over and you website ranked higher on internet search engines. Video is used by all of the leading internet marketers and in all leading brands of business. 

So, if they are using video, that must tell you that you should be too. It has now become easier than ever before to create and distribute videos on the internet and to use video marketing to drive traffic to your website therefore, there is no excuse why you should not be using it. 

Video Marketing: Some Recent Facts For You:

1) It is estimated that 90% of all internet traffic by the end of 2015 will be video.

2) Search engines give priority listings to websites that host video content;

3) Videos can increase click through rates by up to 750%.

4) Including the word "video" in an email significantly increases click-through rates. 

5) Over 65% of people who watch online videos are between ages of 35 and 64.

6) 67% of these viewers earn middle to high incomes.

7) Over 75% of Executives watch work-related online videos on business-related websites.

8) 65% of Executives visit a business website after watching their online videos.

9) Email subscribers opting out were reduced by 75% thanks to video content in email marketing.

10) Video advertising is currently the cheapest way to advertise.

In short, if you’re not using videos, you need to be, if you do not want to get left behind by your competition!

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Questions and Answers

Is the Video Marketing Training Day priced so low because we’d be trying to get people to buy a more expensive product at the end of the day)?

The answer to that question is no. No we are not going to be trying to upsell you a more expensive course and we will not be pushing any other course or products during the day - apart from ones we will be showing you that you can use and we are not on any affiliate scheme with any of them.

The day is simply designed to teach you how to use video to market your business better.

What if I don’t want to be on the video?

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to be in a video that’s fine. I will be showing you how you can use animated videos or produce videos with voice-overs that either you can do or that you can pay someone to do.

Will I have to buy expensive equipment if I want to get started?

No. I’ll show you how you can use your mobile phone and your computers camera and microphone to produce videos so (provided you have those) you won’t need to go out and buy expensive kit.

What about lighting?

I’ll be showing you how to use lighting to get a better effect in your videos and although you may have to pay for a decent lighting set for under £150.

The aim of the day is to help you in the following three areas:

1. Purpose: To know why you need video and to understand the objective of your videos.

2. Create: To know how to make professional looking videos in various styles.

3. Share: To be able to know how to distribute and share your videos online and on your website.