Alleged Copyright Infringement By Tom Aitken


Alleged Copyright Infringement By Tom Aitken

You may have become aware of a copyright dispute between us and Tom Aitken. We have tried to resolve the matter amicably, but our attempts to do so have not been successful. We therefore have no option but to issue legal proceedings for copyright infringement against Mr Aitken and 3 of his companies. Our lawyers are in the process of preparing the required documentation to take the case to court.

We have not taken this decision lightly, but we feel it is necessary to protect the significant investment we made in creating original training materials. If our copyright works are used by others without our permission, for their own financial gain, it is natural that we defend ourselves.

Our claim is that Mr Aitken and his companies have reproduced and used large chunks of our copyright training manuals and risk assessments, over many years, without our permission. We are aware that the materials in question have been distributed to numerous customers, including schools.

Mr Aitken has since made changes to his materials, but we still consider the updated materials to be infringing copies. If you receive correspondence from Tom Aitken or from his companies (School Staff Safety Training, Enhance Services Ltd and Staff Safety Training), stating that his new training manuals and risk assessments no longer infringe our copyright, please note that this is not accepted by us and the matter is still in dispute.

We take the protection of our intellectual property seriously, but we do not wish to cause any unnecessary alarm to those who are not directly involved in this dispute. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this matter, and we will be happy to put your mind at rest.

Best Regards

Mark Dawes
29th July 2019

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