How Did I Get Started? [Video]

I often get asked the question “How did you get started?” so I thought I’d post this video (for those of you who may be interested in my story).

In this video, I also talk about the reason why I started a training company and also how I got started teaching Self-Defence.

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Make Money Teaching Breakaway and Self Defence

Make Money Teaching Breakaway and Self Defence, Gain a Recognised Qualification And Offer Recognised Qualifications To Your Students.

Living through this pandemic has made many of us reflect on our lives and focus on what is really important to us. I was just talking to someone yesterday who told me that prior to this pandemic their ‘escape’ was shopping, but now they have been able to focus on what is really important to them and even the thought of going shopping to buy ‘nice things’ doesn’t interest them at all.

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Witnessing A Conversation With Death

As you know I regularly try to help as many people as much as I can and in virtually all cases the interaction is generally a very positive one that helps them and creates progression in the right direction for them.  

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Teaching Women Self-Defence Is Still The Best Way To Reduce Sexual Assaults

Woman Self Defence

A landmark research study has proven that teaching women self-defence tactics reduces the risk of sexual assault. Recently a UK research study, the largest conducted on sexual violence and harassment at UK universities, reported in the Guardian newspaper in November 2020, reported that more than half of UK students say they have faced unwanted sexual behaviour but only a fraction … Read more