Spit Hoods and Health & Safety COSSH Regulations [Video]

This is an email I received from Bill Coyne who has just received a reply for the HSE regarding the use of spit hoods following his enquiry to the regarding the use of spit hoods.

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BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Online Resources [Video]

Check out all of the online resources that you will get access to when you book on our next BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Trainer Award Course – https://www.nfps.info/self-defence-trainer/

Has The New PI Accreditation Been Put Back to 2021 [Video]

As many of you will know NHS England have made it a condition of contract that anyone providing training to a NHS Trust with a Mental Health Unit in England must have the new PI certification by April 2020.

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NFPS Trainer and Refresher Course Dates For Your Diary

Hey Everyone Here’s a quick update on our up and coming course dates for the remainder of 2020 so that you can plan your refreshers and attend any trainer training courses that you would like to. Please note that some dates now have only very limited availability! 10th March 2020 – NFPS Restraint Instructor Refresher Course – Very Limited Places … Read more

There Is No Point Being The Second Cheapest Person In The Marketplace [Video]

Dan Kennedy regularly says “There is no point being the second cheapest in the marketplace”, and in this video I want to add my thoughts to that quote in the hope that it may help some of you in business.

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Can Someone Pass The Physical Intervention Module of The Door Supervisor Course if They Have One Arm or Are in a Wheelchair [Video]

I’ve just been asked this question today:

“Mark, is can someone pass the physical intervention part of the door supervisors course if they have one arm or if they are in a wheelchair?”

This video answers that question.

What Are The Sector Competence Requirements For SIA License Linked Trainers Who Want To Run The EFAW Course? [Video]

Many trainers who currently deliver SIA license linked qualifications through their respective Awarding Organisations (AO), may now be considering also running the 1 x day Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course.

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What Qualifications Do I Need To Deliver the EFAW Course [Video]

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Compensation for Breach of Article 13 of The European Convention on Human Rights [Video]

In the case of RK and AK v the United Kingdom (38000/05) the European Court of Human Rights has awarded compensation to a couple from Oldham after it found that the UK had infringed their Article 13 rights after a child had been taken into care.

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