There is No Evidence To Prove That Dynamic/Pressurised/Stimulation Training Works

There is No Evidence To Prove That Dynamic Pressurised Role-Play Training Works

“There is no evidence to prove that pressurised/stimulation/dynamic training works” The above was something someone recently said to me, and the person who said it told me that they were quoting something said to them by someone else Apparently, according to the person I spoke to, “There is no research evidence that proves that pressurised/stimulation/dynamic training works”, but there is … Read more

Always Have a Strategy

Always have a strategy and stick to it_ - Ray Arcel

“Always have a strategy and stick to it” – Ray Arcel Ray Arcel was an American boxing trainer who was active from the 1920s through the 1980s who trained 20 world champions. When training Roberto Duran he told Duran: “There’s technique and there’s strategy. Technique is your every move, your every punch. It covers all of your short-term decisions. Strategy … Read more