If You Dislike Successful People It Will Be Difficult to Become One of Them [Video]

The Sunday Times Rich List has just been published and I recently saw a post on Facebook by someone who was upset by the fact that currently, for the first time ever, there are now over 100 billionaires in the UK.

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Pain Compliance Techniques With Children Are Not Illegal

Pain Compliance Techniques With Children Are Not Illegal

Pain Compliance Techniques With Children Are Not Illegal In a recent blog post I mentioned that I had recently met with a Government-appointed panel of ‘experts’ who told me, quite enthusiastically, that it is illegal for anyone to use a physical technique with a child that may intentionally or unintentionally cause pain. You can read that blog post here: https://www.nfps.info/causing-pain-to-a-child-is-illegal/ Illegal … Read more

NFPS Diploma Now Live

As promised the New NFPS / IQ Level 3 Organisation Diploma in Professional Development for the Management of Violence and Aggression. The Diploma requires 341 Hours of cumulative learning and development and those learning hours will be taken from all of the Level 3 Qualifications that you have done with us. First and foremost our thanks must go to Sallyann … Read more

Non-Delegable Duty of Care [Video]

A recent ruling from the UK’s highest court, the Supreme Court, has paved the way for the family of a brain-damaged girl to pursue compensation from a local education authority and this ruling has major implications for any organisation that uses sub-contracted agencies or staff.

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Ofsted Inspectors and Physical Restraint

Ofsted Inspectors and Physical Restraint

I recently wrote to Ofsted under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the content of my correspondence to them was as follows: “I am requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on what specific training Ofsted Inspectors receive in relation to the use of force / physical restraint as part of Ofsted’s statutory requirement to ensure that Ofsted … Read more

BILD Accreditation-What Is It?

BILD Accreditation-What Is It

Even today, we are still coming across many inspectors from various Government agencies, care home managers, headteachers of schools, trainers, NVQ assessors and even HSE inspectors that believe that if you are delivering or commissioning training then the training must be BILD Accredited because they think that BILD Accreditation is in some way endorsed or recognised by Government. This is … Read more

Jimmy Mubenga was Unlawfully Killed [Video]

To read the BBC News article in full click here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-23244203

The Governments Propsal to Ban Prone and the Other Side of The Argument [Video]

‘Excessive’ Use of Face-Down Restraint

About the Author

A former Royal Marines Commando and High-Security Prison Physical Training Instructor, Operations Director of Tactical Safety Responses Ltd Mark Williams, is an Association of Chief Police Officers trained Trainer of Instructors delivering expert instruction in Personal Safety, Close Protection and Close Quarter Defensive Tactics to Law Enforcement, Military, Healthcare, Government and large corporate companies and establishments.  Mark also acts as an expert witness in cases of legal action bought in respect of injury due to physical restraint.

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ERICPD – A Hierarchy of Risk Control Measures [Video]

In risk assessment there is a hierarchy of control options that we need to consider when managing risk. In this short video I will take you through one of them – ERICPD – to help you understand what you need to consider and in what order.