The Words of The Wise Old Paratrooper [Video]

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How To Be More Productive and Efficient By Using Recording Equipment [Video]

11 Training Tips in 8 Minutes and 20 Seconds [Video]

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MPs to Approve New Laws on Restraint Called Seni’s Law [Video]

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Restraint of Women in Mental Health Units is Re-Traumatising Them [Video]

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Seni’s Law [Video]

Seni’s Law is a new law that is being backed by numerous MP’s and other respected individuals. The new law is aimed at reducing the risk of people dying due to restraint on mental health units and if a death occurs for an independent investigation to be carried out, as well as other recommendations.

What is The Difference Between ‘Arresting’ Someone and ‘Detaining’ Someone

Hi, guys. Mark Dawes here. In this short video, I want to answer the question, which is, “What is the difference between arresting someone and detaining someone, and is there a difference?”

The short answer to that is no, there is no difference whatsoever.

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NHS Trust Fined One Million Pounds following a Death [Video]


The Use of Pain to Restrain Children – A Response From The Department for Education [Video]

Hi Everyone,

Mark Dawes here once again and I’m just doing this video to follow up on a video I did a while ago about the use of force on children and particularly any use of force that may cause discomfort, harm or pain.

Because there’s a drive at the moment by a particular lobbying group to ban or to make illegal should I say any restraining technique with a child that causes pain.

Now I did a video on that and we actually had about three and a half thousand views on Facebook alone, God knows how many on YouTube.

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The Importance of Advertising and Marketing [Video]

Hi guys, Mark Dawes here once again. In this short video I want to talk to you about the importance of advertising and marketing.

Here’s a fact for you. Someone out there could have an inferior product to yours, yet if they’re doing better advertising and marketing than you, they’re gonna have more clients, more customers, and earn far more money than you every day of the week and twice on Sunday. That is a given, that’s a fact.

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