Salim Nazeer Testimonial About Our BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructor Course [Video] – This is a testimonial from Salim Nazeer who recently attended our BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor Award Course. He was very nervous but gained a lot from it as you can see and hear from his testimonial. So if you would love to become a Self-Defence Instructor, but are a bit nervous or worried, then don’t be. We are here to look after you and help you on your road to success.

Handcuffs and Scottish Law [Video]

In this video I want to explain the legal position with regards to the carriage and use of handcuffs by non-police (civilian staff) in Scotland and the issue of Handcuffs and Scottish Law –

If You Believe That You Are Not Confident Enough Then This Video is For You [Video]

Hi, guys. Mark Dawes here once again. 

Again, a bit of a disclaimer, this is a bit of an ‘in your face’  video so if you don’t want to hear any emotive language or you don’t want to hear me with my rant then switch the damn thing off now. Don’t watch this through and then complain. You’ve got a choice, you know you can watch it or not watch it. I’ve given you the disclaimer now the choice is in your hands.

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Are You Spending Money and Wasting Time Or Investing Your Money and Your Time [Video]

This video is about Getting a Return on Your Investment – Are You Spending Money and Wasting Time Or Investing Your Money and Your Time –

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F**K The Naysayers [Video]

This video has been done for those of you who have been subjected to negativity and from people who want to scupper your attempt at success. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here – or join our Facebook Community –

Dealing With People Who Dont Like You [Video]

Dealing With People Who Don’t Like You – A lot of people tell me that they worry about other people will think about them and as a result of that they suffer from low confidence and low self-esteem, and that is what this video addresses. 

The No Money Myth and How To Make Money From What You Already Know [Video]

In this video I’m going to dispel the ‘No Money Myth’ and give you some tips to show you how you can make money from what you already know and if you are interested in joining me on one of our courses where we will teach you even more about this then click on the following links –


The Difference Between Criminal and Civil Law [Video]

In this video I discuss the difference between criminal and civil law and if you like to find out more about our BTEC Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainer Course click here: and / or our BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Trainer Course click here:

Toys R Us Potential Job Losses – It Could Be You Next [Video]

Toys R Us’s future in the UK has been plunged into doubt after the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) said it would vote against the company’s rescue plan, and situations like this happen all too often.

How To Sell Your Products and Services into Businesses [Video]


HOW TO SELL YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES INTO BUSINESS BY UNDERSTANDING THE MUST, SHOULD AND COULD HIERARCHY – In this video, I am going to give you a very important tip to help you understand how to generate leads to help you sell your products and services into other businesses be they small businesses or large businesses.

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