Toys R Us Potential Job Losses – It Could Be You Next [Video]

Toys R Us’s future in the UK has been plunged into doubt after the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) said it would vote against the company’s rescue plan, and situations like this happen all too often.

How To Sell Your Products and Services into Businesses [Video]


HOW TO SELL YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES INTO BUSINESS BY UNDERSTANDING THE MUST, SHOULD AND COULD HIERARCHY – In this video, I am going to give you a very important tip to help you understand how to generate leads to help you sell your products and services into other businesses be they small businesses or large businesses.

Guidance For Schools – Choosing A Training Provider – Who Decides

How should schools choose a training provider? Who should be advising schools on what training provider to use or not use? Who is ultimately responsible for deciding what training provider to use? This video answers those questions.

Q and A’s on the Department of Health Positive and Proactive Care Guidance [Video]

The Department Health Positive and Proactive Care Document, issued by the Department of Health and used by CQC for inspection purposes, is seen by many as being set in stone, but the fact is, is that it is only guidance – not statutory law.

The Resources You Get When You Join Our Self Defence Trainer Award Course

SELF DEFENCE INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES – Check Out The Resources You Get When You Join Our Self Defence Trainer Award Course –

Is It Illegal in the UK For A Private Citizen to Carry Handcuffs

In this video I am going to discuss whether non-police staff can legally carry and use handcuffs and if you are interested in becoming a BTEC Level 3 Qualified Handcuff Trainer then visit our web-page at:

What is The Recommended Instructor To Student Ratio When Teaching Physical Intervention

In this short video I’m going to talk to you about supervision and in particular, instructor to student ratio numbers, and it is worth bearing in mind that it is estimated that 80% of all claims for negligence in sport is down to lack of supervision.

Alarm Over Restraint of NHS Mental Health Patients As Reported in The Guardian Newspaper 10.12.17

The Guardian Newspaper, in its article entitled ‘Alarm over restraint of NHS mental health patients’, revealed that:

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Follow Your Passion

I believe that everyone should have their own business. There are no ‘jobs for life’ anymore, and the only true way to be in full control of your destiny and your future is to have your own business.

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Citizens Powers of Arrest in Scotland

Hey everybody, Mark Dawes here. And in this short video I want to talk to you about the power of arrest in Scotland.

And I’m going to say right up front that virtually all the information in this video has been kindly given to me by Colin Dixon. He is hugely experienced in his field and Colin wrote to me because he saw the video I put out about the difference between arresting someone and detaining someone, which of course there is no difference.

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