Can An Assailant Sue You If They Get Injured For A Self-Defence Technique That One of Your Students Uses? [Video]

A guy called Graham Leigh who runs a self-defence and martial arts organisation has sent in a great question, which is basically, if I teach someone self-defence and then they use a skill I’ve taught them, which although is deemed to be reasonable in the circumstances, ends up seriously injuring their attacker, can the assailant sue me as the instructor?

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The Safety Pod as a Least Intrusive Option

In my last video ‘How Restraint Equipment Can Reduce Risk’ I spoke about using restraint equipment as a least intrusive option, and if you haven’t seen that video you can watch it here –

Today I have Pal with me from UK Pods Ltd, and I’ve hijacked him to talk about the Safety Pod to give all of you a better understanding of this exceptional piece of equipment and how it can help you reduce the need for prolonged restraint, especially on the floor in prone and supine as well as helping you reduce risk, costs and your overall liability.

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How Restraint Equipment Can Reduce Risk [Video]

We all know that one factor in the risk of someone dying from positional asphyxia is restraint going on for an extended period of time.

This video is based on a discussion I have had with someone who is very concerned about a particular service user and also their colleagues who are possibly at risk of serious injury and possibly worse.

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How I Started Teaching Self Defence

How I Started Teaching Self Defence

How I Started Teaching Self Defence This is the story of how I started teaching self-defence back in 1988 on the back of running a martial arts school (check out the dodgy tracksuit!). This was at the request of the local police and local crime prevention panel, who wanted self-defence courses for local people and local businesses. The concept was … Read more

There is No Evidence To Prove That Dynamic/Pressurised/Stimulation Training Works

There is No Evidence To Prove That Dynamic Pressurised Role-Play Training Works

“There is no evidence to prove that pressurised/stimulation/dynamic training works” The above was something someone recently said to me, and the person who said it told me that they were quoting something said to them by someone else Apparently, according to the person I spoke to, “There is no research evidence that proves that pressurised/stimulation/dynamic training works”, but there is … Read more