My Dad’s Advice [Video]

My Dad was never one for giving advice, but just before I left to join the Royal Navy, he gave me one piece of advice which has been instrumental in virtually every career and business decision I’ve ever made.

Why Did I Interview Lawyers [Video]

You may have been on a training course where a trainer has said something that you felt wasn’t right. You may have even challenged the trainer but got ‘fobbed off’ with a stock answer.

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What Does ‘Suitable and Sufficient Mean, With Regards to Risk Assessments

What Does ‘Suitable and Sufficient Mean, with regards to risk assessments?

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The Proper Student To Instructor Ratio for Supervision in the Gym [Video]

What is The Proper Student To Instructor Ratio for Supervision in the Gym? This is a question I get asked quite regularly and I also get asked “is there any law anywhere that dictates what the student to instructor ratio should be?

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How Did You Get Started [Video]

‘How Did You Get Started’ is question quite a lot so I thought I’d do a video on ‘my story’ that took me from a sixteen-year-old Royal Navy recruit to where I am today, including many of the pitfalls I had and the mistakes I made along the way, in the hope that it encourages many of you to follow your passion and turn it into your profession.

You only have one life – so live it!

Close Protection Situational Awareness and Conflict Management and Physical Intervention Course

Date: 14th and 15th August 2019, Location: Hereford Bookings are now being taken for this event and you can book on by choosing one of the two options below: THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL BUT CONTACT US IN CASE OF CANCELLATIONS The course will be held at the Green Dragon Hotel in Hereford and details and joining instructions will be … Read more

Alleged Copyright Infringement


Alleged Copyright Infringement It has come to our attention that certain companies have been using a training manual for positive handling training, containing text, images and illustrations that we believe have been copied directly from our own training manual. We are treating the reproduction and use of these manuals as an infringement of our copyright. We treat the misuse of … Read more

The Police Are Allegedly Threatening To Arrest if You Carry Handcuffs In Scotland [Video]

The Police in Scotland Have (Allegedly) Stated That They Will Arrest Door Staff If They See Them Carrying Handcuffs.

I was asked to give my opinion on this so he is my opinion in a video.

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