Let The Taxman Pay For Your Training [Video]

Let The Taxman Pay For Your Training

Today I want to talk to you about how you can offset the cost of your training, so whether you’re thinking about becoming a physical intervention trainer or a self-defence trainer, it’s how you can offset the cost of that, that investment, against tax.

Now, particularly if you’ve been in an employed role, where you pay PAYE or base-rate tax or even high-rate tax over the last three years, how you can offset the cost of your investment against that tax.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance – Does it Pay Out if You Are Negligent? [Video]

Professional Indemnity Insurance is insurance cover that covers trainers for anything that may happen outside the classroom or training hall. But it may not pay out if you give advice that is incorrect or legally flawed, yet many trainers don’t realise that.

Some examples of this that I have personally come across are as follows (and you’ll know this if you have been following me for a few years):

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The No Money Myth and How To Make Money From What You Already Know [Video]

In this video I’m going to dispel the ‘No Money Myth’ and give you some tips to show you how you can make money from what you already know and if you are interested in joining me on one of our courses where we will teach you even more about this then click on the following links – https://www.nfps.info/physical-intervention-trainer-coursehttps://www.nfps.info/self-defence-trainer