How Did I Get Started? [Video]

I often get asked the question “How did you get started?” so I thought I’d post this video (for those of you who may be interested in my story).

In this video, I also talk about the reason why I started a training company and also how I got started teaching Self-Defence.

Now the reason I’m doing this is because I hope that it will inspire you to follow your dream and turn your passion into your vocation.

I’ll talk about how I had to ignore some of the attitudes and advice of people who were ‘stuck’ in a particular way of thinking.

The short moral of the story is, if you genuinely want to help people solve problems then you have the potential to start or grow a business, but you need to do a few other things too, and this is something that Lofty Wiseman will be talking about on the 2 x Day Situational Awareness, Conflict Management, Knife & Edged Weapon Awareness & Self-Defence/Protection Course 25th & 26th February 2020 that Ginge Johnson will be teaching.

But here’s some things that I did that worked for me:

1. Model excellence. In other words, if someone in the sector you want to work in is doing really well, find out what they are doing and model it. Don’t copy it or steal their work but model their processes and you will get similar results.

2. To do that you need to get the right advice from the right people with the right experience who are getting the right results – and you will have to pay for it, so it requires investment in time and money, but investing in the rights person and getting the right advice and guidance can fast track you on the route to success.

3. Don’t do what everyone else does, especially if they are not getting the results you want. Now that sounds like common sense but that is exactly what most people do.

4. And finally, don’t be scared to break the rules!

You only have one life so live it on your terms.

And if you want to train with one of the best then why not join Ginge, Lofty and myself on the 25th and 26th February in Hereford, where I’ll also run a session on marketing and how to build and scale your business on the evening of the first day, if that is of interest to you of course.

2 x Day, Situational Awareness, Conflict Management, Knife & Edged Weapon Awareness & Self-Defnece_Protection Trainer Course 29th & 30th October 2020

You can learn more here –

PS: 50% of places have already been filled so be quick if you don’t want to miss out.

PPS: You can also take the BTEC Level 3 Award in Self-Defence Instruction on this course too.

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