Is a Door Supervisor Covered By Their Company Insurance if They Go To Assist Someone in The Street [Video]

I was recent asked this question by someone on Facebook – “If a security company tell door staff don’t get involved in fights or problems on the street, as your not insured to do so, how would they stand if they did or didn’t get involved and somebody got hurt?”

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Can An Assailant Sue You If They Get Injured For A Self-Defence Technique That One of Your Students Uses? [Video]

A guy called Graham Leigh who runs a self-defence and martial arts organisation has sent in a great question, which is basically, if I teach someone self-defence and then they use a skill I’ve taught them, which although is deemed to be reasonable in the circumstances, ends up seriously injuring their attacker, can the assailant sue me as the instructor?

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Possible Fraud By A PI Trainer


Sadly today it has been brought to our attention today that an individual who is known to us and a former trainer has possibly committed fraud and I thought I’d share this with you so that you do not become a victim too. I use the word ‘sadly’ because this person previously took money from companies on two separate occasions on … Read more

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Does it Pay Out if You Are Negligent? [Video]

Professional Indemnity Insurance is insurance cover that covers trainers for anything that may happen outside the classroom or training hall. But it may not pay out if you give advice that is incorrect or legally flawed, yet many trainers don’t realise that.

Some examples of this that I have personally come across are as follows (and you’ll know this if you have been following me for a few years):

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