Learn The Best Kept Secret To Reducing Sexual Assaults on Women on University Campuses

A landmark research study has proven that teaching women self-defence tactics reduces the risk of sexual assault.

Recently a UK research study, the largest conducted on sexual violence and harassment at UK universities, reported in the Guardian newspaper in February this year, reported that more than half of UK students say they have faced unwanted sexual behaviour but only a fraction reported the incidents to their university or the police.

In the research it went on to say that many UK students have also reported being frustrated with the way their complaint was handled by the university and one student even said the university refused her request to suspend her alleged attacker while the police investigation was ongoing. She was reluctant to appeal against the university’s investigation because “it’s been an absolutely humiliating process”.

However, proposing self-defence classes for women can seem controversial and some people have argued (including the police in the dim distant past) that teaching women to defend themselves doesn’t work, however, this new research proves the opposite.

Reduced The Risk of Rape by 50%

The landmark Canadian research study, found that training which focuses on teaching women how to detect risk in situations that could lead to sexual assault and defend themselves when necessary, reduced the rate of rape among participants by nearly 50 per cent.

And This Isn’t The First Study of It’s Kind.

Many years ago the Justice Department of the United States of America collected data on over 2 Million women throughout the USA who were attacked. Their findings were a revelation. It showed that women who resisted their attacker doubled their chances of avoiding rape.

Dr. Pauline Bart from the University of Chicago, who many years ago conducted in-depth research into this area said that ‘women will increase their chances of avoiding rape by using active and multiple strategies including physical self-defence’.

In America as many as one in four female university students may be sexually assaulted before they finish their degree.

I Began Teaching Self-Defence Many Decades Ago

I started teaching self-defence many decades ago in collaboration with the local police and various crime prevention initiatives, and many large corporations used to come to me for advice and training, especially those who had female sales reps.

We used to run one two-hour session once a week for six weeks, based on virtually the same principles that the new Canadian survey is promoting, and they were always a huge success.

The fact is, you can give all the advice and guidance you want and you can encourage people to report, but wouldn’t it be better if the risk was reduced and that is exactly what a tried and tested programme can do.

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