Covoid-19 Risk Assessment

Restraint and Covoid-19 Risk Assessment – Please Share and Help Me Save a Life I don’t know if you are aware but I have put together a risk assessment to help  staff who are still at work, especially those staff who may be expected to physically control and restrain someone who may become violent, and as a result are exposing … Read more

Should We Be Running Physical Intervention Training Courses

“Hi Mark I am hoping that you can help me here please My healthcare client is requesting staff from us but insisting that despite the current situation they will not take anyone who has not received physical intervention training. Obviously as a trainer I am more than reluctant to conduct a session at present given the spread of covid 19. … Read more

Covid-19 and Physical Restraint Risk Assessment

Covid-19 & Physical Restraint Risk Assessment I have been getting a lot of questions lately such as: “What do we do is we have to physically restrain someone and they deliberately cough or spit at us?” Therefore, I have put a risk assessment together to help anyone who needs it, which you can access here – Please watch the … Read more

9 Tips On How Your Business Can Survive The Current Coronavirus Situation

9 Tips On How Your Business Can Survive The Current Coronavirus Situation

The current coronavirus situation has been devastating for a lot of businesses with courses and jobs cancelled with no short term solution.

Many business owners are very worried that their businesses may not survive the Governments twelve-week period of ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’ ….. but, there are opportunities that you can take advantage of if you apply yourself and think differently to those who are panicking.

And these are my 9 Tips on How Your Business Can Survive The Conornavirus Situation.

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Should We Follow and Restrain Someone Who Is Threatening To Jump Off a Bridge Into Fast Moving Traffic [Video]

Now you’ve seen the videos I’ve been putting out this week on vicarious liability and I’ve now got another interesting story for you.

This is about a care home, a residential care home, it’s not a secure care home, and in this particular care home, they’ve got a service user that started to exhibit some quite extreme behaviour.

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Another Video Interview With Trevel Henry on The Non Delegable Duty of Care and Vicarious Liability [Video]

This is the second interview that I have done with Trevel where we discuss the issues of the Non-Delegable Duty of Care, Vicarious Liability and how that applies to training providers who sub-contract training and to organisations who commission training from training providers (as well as loads of other stuff!).

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The ‘Pyramid of Learning’ (From SAS Training) And How The Three Levels Apply To Virtually Everyone

On the recent course with Ginge and Lofty, Lofty taught the concept of the ‘Pyramid of Learning’ and it’s application in his role as a SAS soldier. The concept Lofty described is as follows. At the base of the pyramid is the ‘Will To Live’ and from an SAS (Special Air Service Regiment) perspective that ‘Will To Live’ is the … Read more