Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainer Course

Become a Physical Intervention Trainer.

If you are looking to become a Physical Intervention Trainer then you’ve come to the right place.

Because over the last 30 years, we’ve probably trained more people in this skill than any other organisation in the UK. And we’re considered by many to be the leading authority on the use of force when it comes to physical interventional/physical restraint in the UK today. In fact, we were the first organisation ever to produce a BTEC qualification in this field.

The Advantages of Training With Us

One of the main advantages in training with us is that our training is legally defensible.

And what that means is we’ve taken the time and the investment to have input into our training from some of the greatest legal minds in this country, such as: Michael Mansfield QC, Gary Slapper, John Wadham, and of course the indomitable Eric Baskind (who has done over 4,000 expert witness reports for court, so he certainly knows what he’s talking about).

That legal input alone guarantees virtually that our training is legally defensible and that we’ve covered every aspect of law that you need to know about when you’re operating as a physical intervention/physical restraint trainer.

Risk Assessed Training

Also, our training is underpinned by very thorough risk assessments and every part of our training works around a risk assessment analogy. And that is actually reviewed and it’s inspected and audited by health and safety professionals on a regular basis.

Medically Reviewed

Our training has also been medically reviewed and our training is medically reviewed by Dr. Tony Bleetman who is one of the preferred Home Office medical specialists who actually is involved in the use of force. He reviews restraint programmes all over the UK.

Now, if you’re looking to work with children and young people, the new guidance states that the training you provide and the techniques that you’re going to be offering must be fit for purpose with children and young people and there must be a medical review to support that.

We’ve already had that done and again, that’s been done by Dr. Tony Bleetman, who is one of the preferred medical specialists for the Home Office.

Why Become a Physical Intervention Trainer?

Being a Physical Intervention Trainer is a great occupation and is ideally suited to people who want to help others and who enjoy training people.

What makes a great Physical Intervention Trainer is the ability to connect with people combined with a genuine need to want to help and protect others.

Physical Intervention Trainer’s play an important role in many organisations and society as a whole.

So if you are someone who enjoys teaching and you are committed to helping others then becoming a Physical Intervention Trainer is possibly the right choice for you.

The difficulty is in finding the right Physical Intervention Trainer Course and the right Physical Intervention Trainer Training Company to invest your time and money with, so before you go any further watch the videos below and see and listen to what others say about our Physical Intervention Trainer Course.

Here’s What Other People Say About Us and The BTEC Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainer Course

The following is a YouTube Playlist of testimonials from people who have already undertake the BTEC Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainer Course so that you can see and hear for yourself their opinions on what we offer. There are 17 here so do watch them all! Many are straight from the heart.

Who is The Physical Intervention Trainer Course Suitable For?

This Physical Intervention Trainer Course course is suitable for anyone looking to qualify as a Physical Intervention / Physical Restraint Trainer (also known as MVA or PMVA Trainers in the NHS).

Whether you are in the NHS, Care Sector, Education Sector, Police or Prison Service, or in the Security and Door Supervision Sector, this course will qualify you to teach and provide you with all of the underpinning knowledge to teach in your specific sector, and you get lots of back-up too and loads of additional resources too.

The Venue

All of our Physical Intervention Trainer Courses are run at the Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre, near Telford, Shropshire TF10 9LQ – see video below:


100% Money Back Guarantee on our Physical Intervention Trainer course
100% Money Back Guarantee on our Physical Intervention Trainer course

If you attend our Physical Intervention Trainer Course and decide by the end of day 1, for whatever reason, that the course hasn’t met your expectations, or that it just isn’t for you, I will personally give you a 100% refund – no questions asked. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

How To Book Your Place on The Next BTEC Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainer Course

Step 1: To book your place click on the link above to receive your Free Report.

Step 2: When you do this you will automatically be re-directed to another web-page where you can book your place and find out a lot more about the course.

Step 3: As soon as you book online an email will be sent out to you instantaneously with links to the materials and login details on the online course that you need to do prior to arrival as well as joining instructions for the course.

Take Additional Awards

Another major benefit in training with us is that you can take multiple Awards when you train with us, too.

Which means you can come on one course and leave with all the qualifications you need if you don’t already have them, to enable you to actually operate as a physical intervention instructor or even set up your own business.

These Awards are:

# The BTEC Level 3 Education & Training Award;

# The BTEC Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training;

# The BTEC Level 3 Award For Deliverers of Physical Intervention To The Private Security Industry Sector;

# The BTEC Level 3 Award in Self-Defence Instruction;

# The BTEC Level 3 Award in the Use of Restraint Equipment (Handcuff Trainer Award).

This means (provided that you are willing to do the required pre-course work) that you could attend one course and leave with all of the qualifications you need to deliver a range of training courses.

Don’t Miss Out!

We only run this Physical Intervention Trainer Course twice a year (in March and in September). This means that places are always in great demand, and because it is a very popular course, places do fill up very quickly.

So if you do not wish to miss out please make sure that you book your place before they all go.

Best Regards

Mark Dawes

Mark Dawes NFPS

Director, NFPS Ltd

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