Physical Intervention Trainer Training Course September 2018

Physical Intervention Trainer Training Course September 2018 [Video]

Physical Intervention Trainer Training Course September 2018

Hey Everyone,

Mark Dawes here and I thought I’d just let you know that the above PHysical Intervention Trainer Course course is filling up very quickly.

Over half of all the available places have now already gone for the September 2018 course, and we are only just in June.

So if you are considering attending please don’t leave it too late!

The reason this course is so popular is that it is a properly accredited course that complies with lots of legislatuion and guidance, and if you want to find out more about the benefits of this course, please read on.

NFPS Ltd Accreditation

NFPS Ltd has been operating as a training company since 1998 and provides training and consultancy in: physical intervention, conflict resolution and risk management and assessment.

Training is delivered to a National Awarding Body Standard, and as a Pearson Centre of many years standing NFPS Ltd delivers specific BTEC qualifications in physical intervention, conflict management as well as many Awards.

Being a Pearson Awarding Body Centre allows us to deliver a structured approach to learning, development and assessment, which provides good evidence for audit and investigative purposes if required.

Legal Compliance

NFPS Ltd’s training was initially legally audited by Earnly Money, Barrister at Law.

In later years legal input has also been provided by:

  • Michal Mansfield QC, Professor
  • Gary Slapper LLB (London), LLM (London), PGCE (Manchester), PhD (London),
  • John Wadham: Solicitor and Human Rights expert, Chair of the UK’s NPM and Associate at Doughty Street Chambers and
  • Eric Baskind – LLB (Hons), LLM, MCIArb, FRSA, FHEA.

Mark Dawes (founder of NFPS Ltd) is also an Expert Witness on the use of physical force and all training provided is contextualised within UK statute and common law and there is regular input from legal professionals.

All training is also compliant with current relevant industry sector-specific guidance.

For example: The DoH Positive and Proactive Care Guidance, DfEE Guidance for Schools, Skills for Care and Skills for Health guidelines and NICE guidance to name a few.

Our training is also Human Rights Compliant.

Medical Reviews

Our physical intervention and breakaway techniques are all subject to regular medical reviews by Dr. Tony Bleetman, one of the UK’s most respected independent medical experts.

In addition, scientific evidence on the risk of restraint positional asphyxiation has been provided by Dr. John Parkes of Coventry University who is considered to be one of the worlds’ leading experts on restraint positional asphyxia.

The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015 and the Guide To The Children’s Homes Regulations Including the Quality Standards – April 2015

NFPS Ltd training also complies with ‘The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015’ and the ‘Guide To The Children’s Homes Regulations Including the Quality Standards – April 2015’.

This ensures that our training has been medically assessed to demonstrate that it is safe for use in a context of caring for children who are still developing, physically and emotionally.


NFPS Ltd is also committed to protecting vulnerable children and adults at risk and through our commitment to safeguarding.  You can view our Safeguarding Policy here:

Skills for Care and Skills for Health Compliance

We provide theory in line with the Skills for Health and Skills for Care requirements.

Our Conflict Resolution package meets the NHS requirements that were laid down by the NHS Security Management Service.

Independent Review of Training

In 2009 The Priory Group undertook a review of their Management of Violence and Aggression (MVA) training (now called PMVA Training).

After carrying out the review the decision was taken to change their approach to this training by adopting the NFPS Ltd system of work, because the Priory Group were looking for a more evidence-based approach to training provision which was:

  1. Legally defensible,
  2. Ethically and morally appropriate for our range of client services,
  3. Which actually worked in practice – an important factor when considering the staff who would be expected to use the skills
  4. Provided a cost-effective, safe system of work.

An extract from the survey is as follows:

Since moving over to the NFPS system of work we have managed to achieve all of the above pointsas well as providing training that keeps our clients and staff safe, a major benefit has seen indirect and direct cost savings.

In addition, we also reduced the number of techniques now taught to staff from 137 to only 7. This is important in that if something is easy to learn it can be easily taught, and, more importantly, easily recalled when required in situations of high emotional arousal.

Recently we conducted an independent comparative survey of the new NFPS system against the previous system used. The research project was undertaken by the University of Southampton and the aim of the report was to ensure that the NFPS system of work is acceptable clinically, ethically and legally.

The findings from the survey were as follows: 

  1. The training provided by NFPS Ltd is consistent with all of the legal requirements for training that the Priory is expected to comply with, such as: the Mental Health Act [2007], the NHS paperProposed Standards for Training in the Prevention and Therapeutic Management of Violence in Adult Mental Health Settings [2003] and the Mental Health Act Code of Practice [2008], NICE Guidance [2005], the Care Quality Commission [2009] guidance that highlights staff support, appropriate training, safer services for patients and investment in the workforce with regard to their wellbeing and safety. 
  2. With regard to the use of force with children and young people the training provided by NFPS Ltd complies with all of the legislative requirements and is consistent with the following legislation: The Children Act 1989, The United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child, The Education and Inspections Act 2007 and the relevant guidance issued by various Government departments.
  3. The training provided by NFPS Ltd is also compliant with all of the relevant statutory requirements in relation to the use of physical force including; Common and Criminal Law and the Human Rights Act 1998.
  4. In addition, the training provided by NFPS ltd meets all of the Health and Safety legislative requirements, including techniques which are developed and assessed for risk consistent with the Manual Handling Regulations 1992.
  5. The seven techniques provided by the NFPS system of work provide sufficient restriction of patients to prevent aggressive or violent behaviour and were suitable across all clinical areas that the Priory, including Secure Services, Adults, Adolescents, Acute Services and Eating Disorders.
  6. The staff feel supported and able to cope with the circumstances that may arise in all of the service areas because of the simplicity of the techniques and the legal and ethical underpinning the NFPS Ltd system of work provides.
  7. All staff that took part in the survey confirmed that the training they receive is easier to work with than previous system of work used.

The one thing that makes NFPS Ltd stand out is the ongoing support we get. If any advice is needed Mark Dawes is only a phone call or an email away and we are able to call upon him at any time to assist us in any issue that we feel we require his input intoand most of this is done at no additional cost.

The training style used by NFPS is brilliant. Unlike some providers, it is not demonstrative or autocratic. It is totally inclusive. Learners on courses are made to feel very welcome and put at ease right from the start and I think this is because Mark and John know their subject insideout.

Janet Cowie

Group HRD Manager

NFPS Ltd is still working with the Priory Group and has been instrumental in helping develop and produce the Priory’s approach to successfully Reducing Restrictive Practices in line with Government Guidance.

I hope that the above helps and if I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Book Your Place Now Before They All Go!

If you’d like to secure your place on the September course then you can do so by going to this webpage –

Yours sincerely

Mark Dawes

Director, NFPS Ltd.

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