Has The New PI Accreditation Been Put Back to 2021 [Video]

As many of you will know NHS England have made it a condition of contract that anyone providing training to a NHS Trust with a Mental Health Unit in England must have the new PI certification by April 2020.

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There is No Evidence To Prove That Dynamic/Pressurised/Stimulation Training Works

Evidence To Prove That Dynamic_Pressurised_ Stimulation Training Works-2

The title of this blog post is based on something someone recently said to me, and the person who said it told me that they were quoting something said to them by someone else. Apparently, according to the person I spoke to what was exactly said to them was: “There is no research evidence that proves that pressurised/stimulation/dynamic training works”, … Read more

Why You Should Consider Not Training With Us [Video]

Why You Should Consider Not Training With Us

Nailing the colours (also nailing the colours to the mast or nailing the flag) is a practice dating back to the age of sail that expresses a defiant refusal to surrender, and willingness to fight to the last man.

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Is A Door Supervisor Covered if They Are Assaulted By A Member of The Public Whilst At Work [Video]

I recently put out a video entitled ‘Is a Door Supervisor Covered By Their Company Insurance if They Go To Assist Someone in The Street’ and we had some very interesting comments and feedback on that in the threads on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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The Reasons Behind Why NFPS Ltd Will Not Be Adopting The BILD/RRN/UKAS PI Accreditation Scheme [Video]

The Reasons Behind Why NFPS Ltd Will Not Be Adopting The BILD_RRN_UKAS PI Accreditation Scheme [Video]-3

I have made it no secret that we [NFPS Ltd] will not be adopting the new PI Accreditation Scheme that is due to come into effect in April 2020.

Since we made that announcement a lot of people have come back to me asking us why, and wanting to know what our reasons are for not adopting it.

Therefore, I have taken the time to put together these three short videos to explain why we won’t be undertaking the accreditation

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What Do I Do If There Is Guidance That Says I Can’t Do Something But The Law Says I Can [Video]

What Do I Do If There Is ‘Guidance’ That Says I Can’t Do Something But The Law Says I Can?

I have just heard from someone who has contacted me because they are being told that they can’t use certain techniques because they are not allowed to use them.

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NFPS Ltd And The Priory Will Shortly Be Parting Company (By Mutual Agreement)

It is with regret that as from the end of this year we [NFPS Ltd] will no longer be delivering PMVA Training to the Priory. This decision has come about due to the fact that we do not wish to become accredited under the new PI accreditation scheme that is being introduced next year. This is not a decision we … Read more