Why Disclaimers Are Not Worth The Paper They Are Written On [Video]

Many martial arts clubs and self-defence courses ask people to sign disclaimers that basically state that if they get injured on a course, they can’t sue the instructor or the club or the company.

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There is No Evidence To Prove That Dynamic/Pressurised/Stimulation Training Works

There is No Evidence To Prove That Dynamic Pressurised Role-Play Training Works

“There is no evidence to prove that pressurised/stimulation/dynamic training works” The above was something someone recently said to me, and the person who said it told me that they were quoting something said to them by someone else Apparently, according to the person I spoke to, “There is no research evidence that proves that pressurised/stimulation/dynamic training works”, but there is … Read more

Is What We Teach Difficult To Learn? [Video]

Is what we teach difficult to learn,  is a question we get asked, normally because some people have been on courses whereby they have been exposed to a wide and diverse range of techniques that are taught by breaking the technique down into component parts with the trainer having to remember every name and component movement that makes up one technique.

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Clarification on The SIA September 2018 Update [Video]

In this short video I want do address something that’s caused a lot of confusion which came out in an SIA newsletter in September 2018.

In that newsletter they had an article on vascular restraint, and there’s a paragraph in that article that’s obviously caused a lot of confusion because a lot of people have emailed me and called me on this.

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September 2018 BTEC Level 3 Restraint Instructor Award Course Graduates

September Restraint Instructor Award Course 1

Well done to everyone who attended the NFPS BTEC Level 3 Restraint Instructor Award Course this week and congratulations to all of the following who successfully completed the course: Mostapha Alfaour John Barton Jessica Bowerman Tyson Bradley Joanne Buckley Matthew Cheyne Jenkin Chu Terence Cross Russell Davies Charles Garner Alexander Good Dene Hale Stephen Kerr Tony Koleszar Craig Lewis Jock … Read more

Complicating The Uncomplicated [Podcast]

Complicating the Uncomplicated [Podcast]

Complicating the Uncomplicated [Podcast] Today in many physical restraint/physical intervention and disengagement/breakaway systems, many techniques are taught in a way that seems designed to ‘complicate the uncomplicated’. And what I mean by that is a system of teaching is employed that breaks the technique down into each component part which is then taught within a complex system of instruction making … Read more

What is The Difference Between Control and Restraint, PMVA, MVA, Positive Handling, Physical Restraint, Physical Intervention and Care and Control Training?

Eric Baskind – Are ‘Safe Systems’ of Restraint Really ‘Safe’?


Eric Baskind – Are ‘Safe Systems’ of Restraint Really ‘Safe’? At our Conference on 26 September, Eric Baskind will be talking about the proposed new laws and accreditation schemes for physical intervention. The Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill He will be looking at the pros and cons of the new proposed Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill … Read more