Positive Handling Trainer Course

By The End Of This Course You Will:

# Be able to deliver Positive Handling training to your staff, and staff at other schools too if you wish to.

# Have a competent working knowledge of the laws and legislation that apply to positive handling in schools.

# Be qualified with a BTEC Level 2 Award in Disengagement and Non-Restrictive Physical Intervention and a NFPS Level 3 Positive Handling Trainer Certificate.

# Have all of the resources you need to deliver your training; i.e., lesson plans, handouts, powerpoint presentations, etc.

# Have the back-up and support from us (one of the UK’s longest established training companies).

The Unique Benefits Of This Course Are As Follows:

# Legally Defensible.

# Risk Assessed.

# Medically Reviewed.

# Provides you with the Flexibility to deliver your own training to your own staff around a schedule that suits you.

# Written to an Awarding Body Standard.

# Provides an Audited Process of Learning and Assessment.

This course is a great alternative to what exists in the marketplace and provides an excellent training course that is legally defensible and one which will safeguard your children and staff and provide you with a legally defensible system that is legally accurate and health & safety compliant.

If you would like to know more than simply email me directly at markdawes@nfps.info.

PLEASE ………. Do Your Due Diligence and Beware of Imposters!

This is Tom Aitken of of Enhance Services Ltd, Staff Safety Training Limited and The Positive Handling Academy Limited (collectively “your companies”).

We are in dispute with Mr Aitken who we are alleging is passing of our material as his own.

The problem with what he is doing is if he trains you and provides you with training material, which we are alleging is ours, he is implicating you in a copyright infringement issue, which means that you may not be able to use the material.

The following videos and blog posts explain the issue further.


And Here’s Some More Useful Info For You …..

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