Possible Fraud By A PI Trainer

Possible Fraud By A PI Trainer

Sadly today it has been brought to our attention today that an individual who is known to us and a former trainer has possibly committed fraud and I thought I’d share this with you so that you do not become a victim too.

I use the word ‘sadly’ because this person previously took money from companies on two separate occasions on the basis that he would be claiming BTEC Awards for them, which he never did.

When these companies contacted me the fraud came to light (even though although this was nothing to do with us) we registered and paid for the BTEC Awards so that the people who were promised the Awards actually got them.

As mentioned, he did this on two occasions to two separate companies.

This individual claimed that he was in a bad place so we forgave him his trespass and decided to help him despite what he had done.

The trainer concerned promised that he would pay back the money owed, and did start to make payments of £200 a month to clear the debt. However, he only ever made two payments and there is still £856.40 outstanding.

But it seems that he hasn’t learned his lesson.

The issue that has now been brought to light is that he has submitted a fraudulently changed insurance document to a company to give the impression that he had insurance cover when he did not, obviously in the hope of acquiring business from them.

This has now been picked up by the insurance company who are treating the matter as fraud and who may decide to undertake a full investigation and possibly even prosecute.

This individual has been promoting his services on various social media platforms and below is the email that I have received that he sent out on the 2 May 2018 with the heading ‘PMVA Training for Secure Ambulance Services’:

“Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Keith Butchard and I am the Director and Lead Trainer of Safer Restraint UK, and we specialise in the delivery of conflict management and occupational use of force training to a range of sectors including NHS Trusts, Care Homes, Local Authorities and Secure Ambulance Services etc…

We are accredited with the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS Ltd) which means we deliver training to our clients that has been:

Legally Audited by a Barrister at Law
Medically Reviewed by Home Office preferred Medical Consultant
Risk Assessed in line with Health and Safety Legislation

We offer courses that are 2 or 3 days in duration that can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

I have attached a course brochure detailing the training we offer to Secure Ambulance Services.

I hope you consider using Safer Restraint UK as your Training Provider in the future, and if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Sincerely

Keith Butchard
Safer Restraint UK
079122 52835″

Just for confirmation, this individual is NOT “accredited with the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS Ltd)” as he is out of date for his accreditation.

As such, any insurance that he may have had in place will be null and void because his accreditation has lapsed.

Therefore, if you receive a similar email from someone claiming to be an NFPS Accredited Trainer what I suggest you do is:

1. Request a copy of their recent NFPS Trainer and/or Refresher Certificate;

2. Check to see if they are an NFPS Licensed Centre by going to one of the links under the ‘Licensed Centre and Trainer’ tab on our website at www.nfps.info.

3. Feel free to contact me at any time to confirm whether or not a trainer is accredited and in date with us.

It is a shame that I have felt the need to write this, but doing something wrong once, is one thing. Doing the same thing twice is pushing it. But to deliberately try to con other innocent people a third time is unforgivable so I felt it necessary to warn others about this in the hope that it prevents anyone else being conned.

All of my trainers and I feel deeply let down by this person because many of us have tried to help and support him and sadly, this is how he has chosen to replay us.

Best Regards

Mark Dawes

10 thoughts on “Possible Fraud By A PI Trainer”

  1. Hi Mark, when a person goes above and beyond helping someone and then treats you/NFPS in this way, it’s very sad. You decided to give him help and one thing you should never do, it’s bite the hand that feeds you.
    This is a very rare incident and hope your candidates learn from his mistakes.

  2. Not only has he let his customers and himself down but sadly has showed no respect to yourself and the great nfps team who was there to help him sad and disrespectful person

  3. I can now let you all know that the person’s name is Keith Butchard. The insurers are writing to him directly and they will now no longer insure him. So if any of you are thinking of using Mr Butchard be mindful that he is no longer accredited with us, he is out of date for his refresher, the insurers will not insure him and we will have nothing more to do with him.

  4. Such shocking behaviour needs to be broadcast so more people aren’t tricked. Taking advantage of people in the worst way all in the name of money. Sorry state of affairs.

  5. OMG – Mark I’m currently traveling to spend sometime with family.
    Is it ok to give you a quick call over next day or two

    Whenever it’s convenient for yourself.

  6. Jeez mark karma well and truely bites you back and unfortunately he will have a bigger price to pay.

  7. Such a shame, Keith was one of my instructors during the course and a good one at that! Can’t argue with your moral and legal obligation Mark. Thought he was doing well. Guys you never know what someone is going through, tough times out there and people make silly decisions if desperate, hope Keith can square himself away and somehow make things right.

  8. Such a shame you have had to highlight this, Keith is a good trainer and obviously got himself into a hole, probably pride overrode the need to ask for help, but when it was given it wasn’t dealt with. Must have hurt Mark to fetch this to light, as you help so many, but you have got to safeguard your business. Always a shame when two nice people fall out. You were 100% right Mark and I hope Keith gets sorted.

  9. What a shame especially after you gave him another chance, which is very forgiving of you Mark. Maybe this now will bring him to his senses. Our thoughts are with you

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