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Date: 10th & 11th October 2020

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3 x Payments of £175 + Vat

Thinking of Becoming a Self Defence Trainer? - Read This Personal Letter From The Desk of Mark Dawes First

Personal Letter From The Desk of Mark Dawes

“Dear Friend,

thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in becoming a properly qualified Self Defence Trainer, and in the interest of honesty, transparency and authenticity, I thought I should share something with you as I’d like to be honest with you right from the start.

You see, I’m not just in the ‘self-defence trainer business’, I’m in the self-education and freedom business, and what that means is my passion is helping people just like you live life on your own terms so that you can give yourself and your family the freedom you desire. The freedom to live where you wish, spend more time with your family, follow a passion you love and live without any regret. That’s what I really do.

We are passionate about helping you develop yourself through self-education, which is why we provide everyone who invests in training with us with as much support and help as possible and to this end we run a Closed NFPS Coaching and Mentoring Group on Facebook where I personally teach you the business and marketing strategies we use that have allowed our business to grow and survive the worst two crises in the last thirty years’: the recession in 2000 – 2001 and the financial and housing crisis in 2007 – 2008 and what we have learned from that is how to survive the current Covid 19 pandemic that we are currently going through.

The benefit to you in all of this is that we have been here for thirty years and we’ll be here for you in the future so any investment you make with us is not going to be lost.

But we also realise that our approach is not for everyone, so, if you are someone who is only interested in a certificate or the cheapest price, then sadly we are not the organisation for you, but there are other organisations out there that I am sure will provide that for you.

But, if you are that someone who is looking for a lifelong relationship with an organisation that genuinely cares for you, that will give you all of the help, support and guidance you need to grow and develop and help you achieve the freedom you truly deserve then we are probably a good fit for each other.

Starting your journey as a self-defence trainer may be a daunting one for you.

Lots of people will be all to willing to give you advice and many training providers will be all to quick to tell you that their system or certification is the best because they simply want to flog you a place on their course.

And be very careful about taking advice from people who have never run a successful business. That’s like taking driving lessons from someone who has never driven a car, and it may sound perverse, but so many people do just that. They take advice from friends and family who have never run a business! 

This can cause you a lot of confusion and may even stop you from taking the necessary action to follow your dream of turning your passion of helping others into your reality of running your own self-defence training business.

And one day you will look back on your life and it would be a real shame if you all of a sudden regretted not following your passion purely because you were never given the right advice from the right person.

So here’s what I suggest. Let’s schedule a one-hour phone call or a video call over Zoom and Skype to discuss how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in twelve months time?

There is absolutely no obligation on your part to commit to anything (and I give you my word that I will not attempt to sell you anything) but I am one-hundred percent sure that I can clear up any confusion for you, give you the advice you need and at least give you a clear idea of what you need to do and what you should avoid doing to help you on your path to successfully starting your own business.

Now you may be wondering, why would this guy I’ve never met do this for me? What’s the catch? And it would be absolutely right for you to be thinking like that. Why wouldn’t you? But there is genuinely no catch.

All I want to do is demonstrate to you why we are different from all of the other training companies out there and the best way for me to do that for you is by helping you, because that’s what my true passion is. Then maybe, at some stage in the future, when you decide that you do want to train with someone, I’d like you to consider me as your that someone.

That’s it and let’s face it, you’d never buy a car without test driving it first so why don’t you take up the offer of test driving us (so to speak)?

So, if you’d like to arrange your 1 hour strategy call with me go to this link and contact me directly – 

I am genuinely looking forward to hearing from you as I would love to help you live life on your terms and live without any regrets. 

Best Regards




Mark Dawes”Tra

Check Out The Online Resources You Get When You Train As A Self Defence Trainer With Us

Why Become A Self-Defence Trainer?

There are many reasons why people (just like you) want to become Self Defence Trainers, and here are a few of the main reasons. In short they all:

Really enjoy teaching and training others;

Are committed to keeping other people and their community safe;

Genuinely love helping others and get a great amount of satisfaction from seeing others achieve;

Love seeing someone grow in self-confidence and self-esteem;

Would like to run a part-time business and some even end up leaving their job to follow their dream.

And if some, or all, of the above points, touch a chord with you then, you are possibly the right person to become a properly qualified Self Defence Trainer.

Why Should You Become a Self-Defence Trainer With Us?

Our BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer Award Course is one of the only courses properly accredited as a National Vocational Qualification.

The BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer Award qualification is accredited by Pearsons, who are the world’s largest Awarding Organisation.

Post Course Support and Help

As a Self Defence Trainer you will also get lots of post-course help and support.

When I started my journey as a Self Defence Trainer I found that once I attended a training course and got my certificate I was basically on my own with no help and no support.

And it is after the course when people need help the most, and we’ll be there for you.

NFPS Ltd put the learner at the centre of everything we do, and our focus is on you with the prime aim of helping you achieve the Award.

What To Teach Self-Defence In Schools? Read on .......

For those of you looking to expand your Self Defence Business into schools the following WILL DEFINITELY BE OF INTEREST TO YOU!

On the next BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Trainer Award Course we have a massive bonus for you.

Someone who specialises in delivering training in schools and who has delivered training to over 25,000 people a year, has agreed to come in and run a session showing you how to approach schools for business based on their success!

They will be teaching you:

1. What schools want vs what you think they want

2. The approach…

– How can I get into schools?

– Who are your target Audience?

– What do I offer and how?

– Budgets-The reality of it!

– The Curriculum and how to use it to open doors

What does this person’s company do so differently to deliver to over 25,000 people a year?

This is a massive reason for attending and is worth the cost of the course alone!Traine

Two Very Special Guests Will Be Joining Us On The 2nd Day of The Course - And This Is The Best Bonus of The Lot!

We also have two very special guests joining us for day 2 of the course – Ginge Johnson and Lofty Wiseman – and if you don’t know who Ginge and Lofty are please read on!

Who Is 'Ginge' Johnson?

Everyone who is anyone in CP knows ‘Ginge’, but if you don’t know him here is some info about Ginge.

‘Ginge’ served in the British Army for 18 years, 13 of which were spent in the 22nd Special Air Services Regiment.

During this time, he developed a wide range of skills including counter-terrorism and VIP protection.

Ginge joined the private sector in 1990 and has worked for a number of private security companies operating as an international security consultant.

Ginge Teaching on our Self Defence Trainer Course

He has experience working for Government officials, multinational companies and senior executives and has become recognised as one of the leading experts in the field of VIP protection and business security.

Over the years Ginge has been responsible for the training of various close protection teams and operated exclusively as a security coordinator within high and low-level personal protection.

During the past 10 years, Ginge has been involved in designing and delivering security awareness and personal safety/conflict management training for high network corporations and families living or travelling to high-risk regions worldwide.

Currently, Ginge has been asked to be part of a Close Protection Expert Group with the Security Industry Authority to review the current National Occupational Standards with the SIA in relation to Conflict Management and Situational Awareness within Close Protection, to bring it more up to date with the needs of current close protection operatives.

So this is your chance to train and learn from a very experienced and well-respected professional who will personally teach you his well-proven tried and tested methods and systems.

Industry Cross-Sector Appeal

The last course was packed and we have people attend who were former SAS, Close -Protection Team Leaders, Self-Defence Trainers, Krav Maga Instructors, School Teachers, a MMA Coach, Martial Arts Instructors, Healthcare Assistants, Serving and Ex-Police Officers, a Prison Officer, and a range of people from other industry sectors too ……. and they all had one thing in common …….. they all loved the course and commented on how easy and simple many of the things were that Ginge taught them…. and now you can benefit from their knowledge, experience and expertise!

And now you can learn from him in person too.

But why listen to Ginge, when there are so many others now offering training in this area?

This Is Why!

Ginge Lecturing on our Self Defence Trainer Course

Ginge Johnson has been involved in personal security for over twenty-five years since leaving the Special Air Service Regiment in which he served 13 years.

He has operated in virtually every hostile environment on earth. There is literally no-where that Ginge hasn’t operated in.

At one time he was flying around to various parts of the world between five – fifteen times a month on executive protection duties, training assignments and going into environments that the police, national guard and local militia would advise not to or wouldn’t go into. This is how much in demand Ginge’s services where and are.

During those times he has been confronted with many conflict situations which included a knife, and it was his training, knowledge, awareness and experience and skill that kept him and the people he was looking after safe.

Meet 'Lofty' Wiseman

Lofty will also be popping down to say a few words and if any of you don’t know who Lofty Wiseman is then you can read a bit more about him here.

Lofty Wiseman

John “Lofty” Wiseman joined the Parachute Regiment in 1958.

He applied for service with the Special Air Service Regiment in 1959 and set a record as the youngest person ever to pass selection at the age of 18.

Lofty served with 22 SAS for 26 years (and, as he likes to point out, 55 days)!

He saw active service worldwide, in every theatre of operations and special operations required of the British Army between 1959 and 1985.
Amongst other things, Lofty was:

  • Sergeant Major, B Squadron (Sabre Sqn)
  • 22 SAS Sergeant Major
  • 22 SAS Training Wing Head of Operational Research
  • 22 SAS Set up the SP Team (Counter Hi-Jack) Set up the SAS Counter-Terrorist Team (you know…those chaps who ended the Iranian Embassy siege)
  • Trained the first members of the US Green Berets to return to the USA to form the famous Delta Force (US Special Forces).
  • Lofty also ran the famous SAS Selection Course, deciding who was fit to join the Regiment.

By the time he retired from active service in 1985, he was held in such high esteem that it could be said of him, to directly quote the Commanding Officer of 22 SAS at the time, “Lofty is a legend in this Regiment”.

I am delighted and honoured that Lofty is coming down on the day.

He is a great guy and I am pleased that you will get the opportunity to meet him in person and lofty will also be bringing copies of his books along so this will be an ideal opportunity for you to get a personalised signed copy and also a photo of yourself with the man himself!
Lofty Wiseman's SAS BooksAnd if you are nervous let me put you at ease. We are a fun-loving bunch of people and we have nothing to prove but everything to offer you and we genuinely love doing what we do as the photos below show. 

Book Your Place Now Before They All Go!

Date: 10th & 11th October 2020

1 x Payment of £525 + Vat

3 x Payments of £175 + Vat

Check Out These Phenomenal Bonuses...

£1,817.00 of Additional Bonuses for FREE

Ginge and Lofty Online Course
Man Teaching

Bonus 1: Free Lesson Plans and Powerpoint Presentations to enable you to leave and start delivering your training immediately on finishing the course. Normal Cost £135 + Vat per Annum.

Personal Safety Awareness

Bonus 2: Free Online Personal Safety Awareness Training, including Pdf ebook entitle ‘Your Safety in Your Hands’ and Powerpoint Presentation to enable you to deliver this course. Normal Cost £197 + Vat per Annum.

Online Situational Awareness Course

Bonus 3: Free Access to Ginge Johnson’s Online Situational Awareness Course (Value £297 + Vat)

Principles of Self Defence

Bonus 4: Free Access to Ginge Johnson’s Online Principles of Self-Defence Course (Value £297 + Vat)

Online Knives and Edged Weapon Course

Bonus 5: Free Access to Ginge Johnson’s  Online Knives and Edged Weapons Awareness Course (Value £297 + Vat)

Online Vulnerable Parts of The Body Course

Bonus 6: Free Access to Ginge Johnson’s  Vulnerable Parts of The Body Online Course (Value £297 + Vat)

Interview With Lofty Wiseman Online Course

Bonus 7: Free Access to ‘An Interview With Lofty Wiseman’ – Online Course (Value £297 + Vat)

FREE Course T-Shirt When You Book On This Course!

Self Defence Trainer Course T-Shirt

These T-shirts are only available to people who train with us and when you book on the course you will get one for FREE.

Our Closed Facebook NFPS Trainers Only Support Group

We also have set up a closed ‘Facebook Support Group’ for all current and in-date NFPS Trainers.

In this group, you can ask for help, advice and support, and some people have even picked up work from there too.

And if you ever need to speak to me directly I am always only an email or phone call away.

All NFPS qualified Self Defence Trainers get access to a closed NFPS Trainers Facebook Group. You will get access to the group the minute you qualify with us. Watch the video below to find out more.

Learn How To Market and Grow Your Self-Defence Business

This is another closed group that we have on Facebook that has been set up to help you promote and market your business. There are (at last count) 27 Units in this group, all videos about different aspects of marketing. In terms of monetary value the information provided in this group is worth thousands of pounds! But you get access to it for FREE when you come and train with us. 

Watch Our Self-Defence Trainer Testimonials and See and Hear What Others Say About OUr BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor Award Course

Don’t take our word for it! In this YouTube Playlist there are 29 videos of testimonials from people who have already trained with us. They are definitely worth a watch!

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Revamp Band
Revamp Band
14:01 05 Mar 20
Fantastic instructors with a passion for teaching and very knowledgable. This course is a must. Highly recommend.
Bill Oxbrough
Bill Oxbrough
20:44 02 Mar 20
Fantastic outfit! Highly professional, knowledgeable but also have time for those who maybe don't have the knowledge... and confidence - I can highly recommend them...Bill Oxbroughread more
Mahmoud Hussein
Mahmoud Hussein
12:09 27 Feb 20
I just completed two day’s training course with NFPS LTd I wanted to say that I honestly think that I learned so much... in those two days training course that I never thought of. The instructors were so friendly that they make you feel like you are member of family the professionalism was amazing Mr Mark Dawes I just want to say thank you so much so for your time and advice you’ve given me whiles helping me with my assessment work I honestly feel like Ive known you for years thanks to Mr Richard Ginge and Mr John Lofty Wiseman two great people that I’ve met very knowledgeable and very helpful the best training I’ve ever doneread more
dominic margiotta
dominic margiotta
13:39 21 Oct 19
I have been training with NFPS since 2016 and I cant recommend them and Mark Dawes enough. The training facilities are... amazing and so are the trainers who pass on their knowledge. The course was an enjoyable relaxed atmosphere where you can have a laugh but not at the expense of learning. I give NFPS my repeat business because I trust and value the training, expertise they provide me with and also the after training support, It really is a family that you are welcomed into. Well done Mark & everyone at more
Martin Pope
Martin Pope
13:38 21 Oct 19
I thoroughly enjoyed the NFPS BTEC Level 3 advanced Self-defence Instructors course. Mark and his instructors were very... professional and accommodating. I have a background in martial arts as did many others on the course however, I still managed to learn some new techniques I’d never come across which were easy to learn and incredibly effective. If you’re interested in learning how to market your business whether it’s in self-defence or something else. The information and knowledge Mark will pass onto you in this field is worth the cost of the course more
John Davies
John Davies
13:08 21 Oct 19
Mark Dawes from NFPS I have found over the years has not only got so much experience, but is really helpful in... supporting other companies , so I would recommend his training 100% to other organisations. I would also add that over the years I would not only count Mark as being such a helpful colleague, but would also count him as a friend who I can trust and count upon. once again thanks Mark for all your inputread more
Fizzeek HF
Fizzeek HF
12:39 21 Oct 19
Prior to booking the course with NFPS i had done a lot of research on Google and found a number of similar courses... which made it challenging to choose the "right" one. I picked up the phone and called the contact number for NFPS and got through to Mark immediately which i thought was a great start. After a good half hour on the phone I was convinced that this was the one for me so didn't even bother contacting anyone else. The whole experience from start to finish has been exceptional. The course was fantastic and covered a wide range of content both directly linked to the subject matter as well as subjects which were slightly "off track" but still extremely useful. The tutors were all very knowledgeable and approachable and I felt at ease from the outset. The after course support has been incredible so far and I truly believe i made the right decision and with the continued help and support of the groups and tutors (which is provided) I feel i can definitely grow my business and create the life i dream of having for my family. Many thanks NFPSread more
Jill laura Rolinson
Jill laura Rolinson
01:20 19 Oct 19
Such a fantastic course with a lot of information provided. The trainers were supportive and approachable, which made... the training a pleasure to attend. The course and the team were professional and knowledgable and enhanced my capabilities to implement and now deliver this safe and effective first class more
Dave Hughes
Dave Hughes
13:02 17 Sep 19
Outstanding training with some of the most professional & highly experienced trainers out there. The encouragement,... support and direction I got throughout the course was brilliant. From start to finish you are made to feel welcomed and part of the NFPS family. The old saying “you only get out of it what you put in” is absolutely true on any NFPS course, and after a week of listening, asking questions, practicing techniques, completing workbooks and micro teaching I came out with several qualifications that will help me not only develop my professional career but also my personal development. If you’re considering going into the field of Conflict Management, Physical Intervention, Control & Restraints, Self Defence, Mechanical Restraints or you’re an Old Hat who just wants to brush up on your skills and update your knowledge on the law then NFPS is the place to go and in my opinion the best out there. Well done Team NFPS 🙂read more
Patryk Golebiewski
Patryk Golebiewski
12:28 13 Sep 19
I've done 5 days Physical Intervention Instructor course with this guys. It was an excellent experience. They are very... professional. They keep you engaged and make sure that you learn all the time but you have fun at the same time. Absolutely more
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What Does Our BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer Award Course Involve?

The BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer Award Course is a 30-hour course comprising three BTEC Level 3 Units.

These Units are:

Unit 1: Legal and Practical Contexts of Self Defence Instruction

Unit 2: Stress and the Science and Psychology of Training.

Unit 3: Physical Skill Instruction.

This course itself is broken down into two areas:

1. Pre-course learning, and
2. Attendance of a 2 x day course.

Pre-Course Learning

The pre-course learning is all done online and covers Units 1 and 2, which includes the following areas:

  • The Law in relation to self-defence and self-defence instruction.
  • Health & Safety Legislation in relation to running self-defence training course.
  • How to complete basic risk assessment documentation.
  • Understanding the Primitive Stress Response.
  • Understanding the Science and Psychology of Combat and the relationship between Motor Learning and Performance.

This work takes approximately 20 hours to complete (dependent on how slow or fast you work of course).

All the resources are provided for you on the online platform (which you will receive login details for the instance you book your place) to enable you to successfully complete the pre-course work and send the workbook for marking prior to the course commencing.

The Two-Day Attendance Part

The attendance part of the course covers the ‘Physical Skill Instruction’ Unit of the Award.

As part of this Unit you will be expected to demonstrate your ability to:

  • Design and develop effective physical self-defence /unarmed tactics for people who are expected to use them in situations of high emotional distress and personal threat.
  • Demonstrate to learners’ appropriate physical skills required for the lawful use of self-defence consistent with the concept of ‘reasonable force’.

Your trainers on the course are all very competent and highly qualified and are there to help you pass the course and they will show you examples of techniques that meet the above assessment criteria.

Inclusive – Not Exclusive or Prescriptive

The course has been designed as an ‘inclusive’ course and not an ‘exclusive’ or ‘prescriptive’ course, and what we mean by that is that we do not prescribe any techniques, so you are free to use your own techniques within whatever system you use, or you can adopt some of the ones you will be shown on the course if you wish to.

Our 100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

100 Percent GUARANTEE

If you attend this course and decide by the end of day one, for whatever reason, that the course hasn’t met your expectations, or that it just isn’t for you, I will personally give you a 100% refund – no questions asked. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Where We Run Our Self Defence Trainer Award Course

We run our courses at the prestigious Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre and your investment in the course includes all of your food and refreshments for the two days, plus overnight accommodation on site for the first night (you can also bok an additional nights accommodation on site if you wish to arrive the day before for only £43.00 + vat bed and breakfast rate).

Course start times: Day 1: 0900, Day 2: 0900. Finish times, approximately 16.30 hours each day.

Please watch the video below on where we train.

Would You Like To Speak To Me About The BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer Award Course?

If you would like to speak to me directly so that we can discuss your needs and ensure that this training course is the right course for you. then simply drop me an email at so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time to have that chat.

Book Your Place On Our Next Self Defence Trainer Course Now Before They All Go!

Date: 10th & 11th October 2020

1 x Payment of £525 + Vat

3 x Payments of £175 + Vat

4.5/5 (73 Reviews)

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