Why Change Your Restraint System For The Sake of Certification

Why Change Your Restraint System For The Sake of Certification? There is currently a problem that exists in our industry.

The problem is that if an organisation has a fit for purpose system of physical intervention (physical restraint/pmva/positive handling) but lose their training provider (for example the training provider stops trading) so that they can’t get their trainers refreshed and re-certificated and new trainers trained and certificated the historical solution is to change training providers.

This means learning a whole new system, new skills and techniques, new names, changing all of the documentation and re-training everyone in the new system purely for the sake of certification!

This is not only a monumental and mammoth task, it is also very expensive and disruptive.

But what if there was a solution that could save all of this time, money and wasted effort?

That’s what this video will achieve for you.

Best Regards

Mark Dawes

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